Addingham IT LTD

Broadband problem solving and performance improvement

Whatever your broadband type or supplier, I can help resolve issues you have with connection or speed.  Especially when your provider may be reluctant to help or just plain difficult to deal with.

There are many pieces of equipment to eliminate as a cause before being certain an apparent broadband issue is really caused by the line or your provider.

For ADSL and VDSL (VDSL is often called Fibre to the cabinet, FTTC or Infinity) broadband my line testing service is also available.

ADSL, VDSL/FFTC or phone line broadband performance can often be a problem, with many people feeling they don't really get what they pay for.  As part of any testing work I can often identify and carry out changes to improve your broadband speed.

Some examples of recent work

Testing slow broadband connection to isolate the fault and eliminate customer equipment as a cause.  Talking to the customer's broadband supplier on their behalf and convincing them there really was a line fault.  Allowed an effective complaint and resulted in 10 fold speed increase

Troubleshoot and resolve a fibre optic (FTTC/Infinity/VDSL) broadband issue caused by customer's gateway/router avoiding supplier callout charge

Many examples of improving ADSL broadband performance resulting in speed improvements ranging from 25% to 1400%.