Addingham IT LTD

Independent broadband line testing and performance improvement

If you have ever experienced problems with low broadband speed, or connection problems, you might also know that internet service providers (ISPs) are often reluctant to admit there is a problem at all.

Some people feel that although their broadband is working they are not getting the full speed they are paying for.

I can come to your premises and test your ADSL or VDSL (FTTC or Infinity) broadband connection independently with specialist equipment, eliminating doubt about whether your equipment or cabling is a cause, and if necessary providing you with the technical information you need to get your ISP to do something about it.

ISPs can charge a high price – a minimum of £100 in some cases - if an engineer’s visit finds your equipment or extension socket wiring to be causing the problem, with the cost of the necessary remedial work on top of that.  For ADSL or VDSL (FTTC or Infinity) (phone line based) broadband you are responsible for everything (including extension socket wiring) beyond the master socket where the phone line enters your premises.

If there is a rectifiable cause of the performance problem on your premises then I can often make the improvements and changes required there & then.

Some examples of recent work

Testing a customer broadband connection where they have always suffered low speeds, but never achieved an improvement through complaining to their supplier.  Isolated the fault and eliminated customer equipment as a cause.  Talking to the customer's broadband supplier on their behalf and convincing the supplier there really was a line fault.  Allowed an effective complaint and resulted in 10 fold speed increase.

Testing wiring and broadband connectivity to isolate and fix wiring faults which when resolved resulted in another 10 fold increase in broadband speed.

Many examples of improving ADSL broadband performance resulting in speed improvements ranging from 25% to 1400%.