Addingham IT LTD

Data Recovery

If your hard disk is failing, it's important to act quickly.  A completely failed hard disk is only really repairable in a laboratory-like, clean, dust-free environment.  This is a specialist service and costs a great deal of money.

If I am contacted in time, I can often recover information from a failing hard disk, even when your computer will not boot up.

It is also important to protect yourself against losing your data with regular backups.

Some examples of recent work

Recovery of all customer files from a hard disk that had corrupted Windows, could not boot, and reported hardware errors

Recovery of customer data from a laptop hard disk where the laptop had been dropped and then failed to boot

Recovery of lost data after virus damage to partition table had deleted the partition data

Referral of customer to a specialist clean-room data recovery expert to rescue 8 years of family photos after confirming their hard disk was catastrophically faulty

Full factory software recovery of a virus-infected machine, including customer data recovery, service pack and application re-installation