Addingham IT LTD

Hardware and software fault finding and repair

This fundamental service solves many of my customers' IT problems.  I use a methodical 'analytical troubleshooting' approach to identify the cause of the problem and the most appropriate solution.

Some examples of recent work

Many calls involving diagnosis of hardware faults resulting in the replacement of faulty power supplies, RAM, hard disks, etc

Precision re-soldering of a Toshiba laptop power socket which had 'dry' solder joints which caused intermittent charging

Replacement of broken power input sockets on Dell and Sony Laptops

Investigation and resolution of software problems with iTunes and QuickTime which caused problems with iPhone setup

Identification and resolution of incompatibility between old hardware and new versions of Windows, causing difficulty uploading and printing photos

Resolution of PC wireless connection problems caused by inability of an older wireless card to support the latest encryption standards used by a new router