Addingham IT LTD

Network fault-finding and cable testing, qualification and troubleshooting

For wireless networks I use a suite of test software to identify access points in range, potential channel clashes, signal strength, interference, and data errors.

For wired networks I use industry leading test and measurement tools to quickly and accurately locate breaks, shorts, miswires and other cable faults.  Protocol analysers and other advanced testers are used to investigate netowrk health and configuration.  Allowing faults to be repaired quickly. 

Correctly connected wiring can be tested for its ability to support the required transmission speeds, ensuring maximum speed and throughput to support your business application.

Some examples of recent work

Protocol and packet inspection to isolate the cause of slow and failing applications on the network.  Implementation of new network configuration and switch to improve performance.

Analysis and resolution of low speed over wireless network and disconnection issues in an office environment

Resolution of random wireless disconnection on one PC in a home network

Testing of office cabling to ensure correct wiring and bandwidth, including cable tagging to make future patching and fault finding easier