Addingham IT LTD

Small Business Services

If you are a small business which needs expert advice on purchasing, installation, commissioning or technical fault resolution, then I can help you.

I work with my business customers as one of the team in the same way than an in-house IT manager would: building up an understanding of the way they work and what their plans are.  In this way, I can ensure that the advice I give is practical and affordable as well as just "techy". 

I work hard to forge lasting relationships with my business customers, so they never feel that they are missing an IT manager from their team.

Some example customer situations

Migration from on-premises Exchange mail server to Office 365 hosted email, and implementation of new 365 based functionality to benefit business process improvements.

Technical support of a multi PC office network with Microsoft Small Business Server.  Proactive planning of client PC upgrades.  Long term technical management of an ongoing broadband performance issue including direct management of the supplier.  Upgrades and configuration of their infrastructure to support various aspects of remote working including Apple product integration.

Planning, support and consultancy for the technical implications of an office move of Microsoft Small Business Server, workstation PCs, printers, including future telephony needs.  Technical execution of the move and required reconfiguration.

Planning a network upgrade, procurement and installation.

Liaison with software suppliers over performance and data corruption issues with their accounting software, including - LAN performance testing, re-design and improvement, LAN data analysis to packet level and associated software and product performance tuning to resolve the issue.

Analysis of competing encryption software products presented to a customer to make an informed decision about a suitable whole disk encryption product for industry standards and legal compliance.  Migration of all PCs to the new product maximizing data security and minimizing downtime.

Technical support of a multi-user workgroup based network of PCs.